Monday, July 28, 2014

steps for a lifestyle change

I hate the word diet so I am not going to use it. Instead, I am going to use the term lifestyle change. Below I have some great tips for a lifestyle change. These things worked for me and I think will really help if you are dedicated. Most importantly, they will help you stay confident in yourself and your goals.

Step 1.
Come up with a goal. This could be losing some weight, exercising more or something as simple as incorporating more vegetables in your life. When I started my lifestyle change I wanted to lose weight. That was my major goal.

Step 2.
Plan plan plan. I love to plan. So this goal was lot of fun for me. I made a plan of working out 4 -5 days a week and eating extremely healthy. I went hard core on this plan. I was extremely dedicated to the gym and eating healthy became a huge part of my life. The first thing I did to jump start my weight loss was cut out sugar and beer. This is hard but you feel so healthy.

Step 3.
Live you plan. So you have a goal and you made plan, now the tough part is to live the plan. I made gym buddies who I would meet every day at the gym. This helped me stay on track with my work outs. In order to stay focused on my health meals I started to meal prep. I would spend a few hours on Sunday planning out my meals and preparing as far in advance as I could.

Step 4
Work for next month. It is hard to not get discourage. Like I didn’t eat sugar for an entire week where is my six pack? I get it. To help with this feeling I started to work for next month. I would tell myself I am working out now and eating healthy now for my body next month. This helps you gain realistic goals for yourself. It is important to not put too much pressure on yourself.

Step 5
Step away from the scale. This one is pretty tailored for me. At a certain point in my lifestyle change journey I would get a little too obsessed with the scale. I cut back and would only weight myself once a week, and then finally I just jumped off the scale and never came back on. The scale is too much for me now. I feel healthy and that is all that matters.

Step 6
Get ready for some haters. That’s right. People are going to get weird. It’s strange but people are going to question your healthy eating habits. They might try to push cake or alchohol on you. Just smile and say no thanks. If you get discouraged by the haters just start following some great fitness Instagram’s. This will help keep you motivated and connect with people who have the same goals as you.

Step 7.
Enjoy your healthy lifestyle. Make sure to enjoy your accomplishments and be proud of yourself. No matter how many pounds or how many servings of vegetables, you should always be proud of your lifestyle change.

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  1. I'm not sure people offering cake qualifies as haters or looking at you a little differently if you refuse. It's your choice and you are entitled to it, but I found that the only reason my friends would encourage me to eat some "junky" foods is because they thought I might be going too far/extreme.

    Once I explained I was balanced and had a handle -- and just chose different outlets instead of sugar, they got used to it and never pressured. I liked that they worried and offered, but then respected my choice after an explanation. I can have junky food whenever i want to -- I just choose to avoid it. A lifestyle change can be a severe jolt not just to you,but to your peers and I had to be reminded of that.

    As long as a lifestyle change makes you happy and doesn't cause health issues, and you take the time to explain to friends and family what you are doing it can really be a great thing. It was for me!

    Great post!